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Online live computing class for kids - App Developer

In addition to our popular face to face computing clubs and workshops we offer live online virtual computing and tech clubs for kids.

Our online sessions are delivered live in small groups by our fab team of expert tech leaders so your child has all the input and interaction they need.

Our small online groups are very interactive and lots of fun. No prior experience or knowledge required.

All you need at home is an internet connection and a laptop/desktop.

Key Information…

  • No more than 10 in a class - plenty of support where needed.
  • Only requirements are a PC with a good internet connection. No previous experience as we will develop their skills through the course.
  • Sessions led by experienced instructors with a passion for technology.
  • Only £45 for the week's course.

No prior experience or knowledge required.

Online class App Developer

Create your own App to show off on a phone or tablet!

Date(s) 04/11/2020 - 16/12/2020
Every Wednesday from 5 - 6pm for 6 weeks
Time 17:00 - 18:00
Age 8 - 13+
Price £45
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App Developer

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